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The name, Los Hermanos, translates to “the brothers” in English. The brothers, William and Donta, are two brothers from the historic community of Freetown Village in Pasadena, Maryland. Freetown is a small community where everyone is familia.

Donta (the younger brother) was born in 1978, and thus the brotherhood that brought you Los Hermanos 1978 had begun. Being seven years apart in age, the Brothers would lead very different lives, as William (the eldest brother) preferred the bright lights and fast-paced living city Baltimore had to offer. In contrast, Donta preferred the open spaces and quiet of Pasadena.

No amount of geography could keep the Brothers apart.  Whether it was separate counties or separate countries, the Brothers always maintained their close-knit bond and brotherhood. Donta and William renewed their dedication to this brotherly bond during the COVID-19 pandemic over bottles of tequila.

As experienced tequila drinkers, the Brothers wanted to create a signature tequila taste that was so incredible people would create lasting memories together over bottles of Los Hermanos 1978. Their journey led them from Baltimore to the small town and magical of Tequila, Mexico. They partnered with the most awarded distillery in Mexico, Casa Maestri, to produce the Los Hermanos 1978 line of tequilas.

William and Donta brought Los Hermanos 1978 back to Baltimore, and in a nod to their ancestors, they launched the city’s first Black and veteran-owned tequila company and won two awards for their tequilas.
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